Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas I

The dining room is decked out for Christmas. This is a print of a "parts of speech" page from an early English lesson book. It's perfect for the season in it's red velvet lined frame.

The little print is nestled among the pines and berries inside an English barrister's wig case.
My barrister doesn't have a wig, but if he ever decides to get one he'll be good to go when it comes to traveling.

This is the top of the case...a bit battered...the black, red and gold colors are still very vibrant. 

Perhaps the barrister wore a beaver hat like this one. It rests upon an old leather bible on the sideboard. 

Lots of green and red this year!

Here are a few shots taken in the living room. Love this little Norma Schneeman snowman...he's so happy!

When I saw this early sampler I immediately thought of Christmas. I wonder if the maker...Amy Selby...made this as a gift for someone. That has to be a Christmas tree in the corner!

And the sweet words are perfect for Christmas!

Last year's version was "short & stout"...this year our tree is long and lean and smells divine!

Hope you all are having a wonderful December so far!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Your decorating is perfection! Gorgeous! Where do you keep your precious treasures when they aren't out on show? Just curious.

  2. Morning, Margaret...We have a big attic so most of it goes in those red and green bins and goes up there. I also have a wall of closets in my laundry room and storage in the cabinets on the bottom of my book shelves. Lately, I have been weeding out lots and donating it. The Salvation Army and Vets send trucks to our neighborhood every few weeks and I...and my .
    neighbors...leave items in boxes in the driveway and they pick them up. Thanks for visiting

  3. Love your decorating ... It's all so festive with the green and red.
    We are sorting out and trying to down size too, not an easy task... Kids get first choice, what is left goes to 'St. John of God' Thrift store.
    Peace and Blessings

  4. Love everything !!! You know I'm in love with the Christmas samplers you own :)

  5. It's just perfect! I love how you've put your loving collection together. Happy Holidays to all.

  6. Your home looks wonderful, Robyn! Thanks for sharing your treasures.

    Hugs, Linda

  7. Everything looks wonderful, Robyn! I especially love your old sampler. I agree that it is perfect for Christmas!

  8. You have the most wonderful style! Everything is lovely and that sampler is just perfect for this Christmas season.
    Hugs :)

  9. Hi Robyn, oh Christmas arrived at your home, looks so wonderful. Love all your displays, you really have a knack for putting them together.Beautiful tree and I love the sampler, Blessings Francine.

  10. Everything is so pretty, you have the touch Robyn!

  11. Your decor is so elegant and send a warm inviting message. It makes me smile and feel cosy. The tree looks so perfect with just the lights.

  12. Your dining room looks so timely and beautiful. Of all the years my husband and I have collected antiques...I don't think we have ever seen a wig case such as yours. It is a beauty. I love it how you have it on your table. You are very creative. I enjoy your blog.


  13. It is very festive at your house !
    I love the word divine...yes, it is all so very divine. ;)

  14. What beautiful decorating and use of green and the pepperberries. I think I can smell the wonderful scent of the tree through the computer...wishful thinking :)

  15. Love all your decor! It just makes you smile and feel Christmasy.Christmas Blessings,Jen