Sunday, December 1, 2013

Red and Greens

One of our Thanksgiving Day traditions is to gather pepper berries. After dinner we head for the woods and cut a basket full of these beautiful red berries that grow wild all over our area.

It is the official beginning of the season and the decorating at our house.

This year the berries are out in great abundance and are the brightest red imaginable. 


Lady Apples are available in the market now and are another favorite for Christmas decorating. Mother Nature provides the very best reds and greens for the season.

And, of course, our own boxwoods contribute as well.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Christmas is on it's way! 
Our tree is up but still adorned only in lights. There is nothing like the glorious scent of pine to awaken the Christmas spirit. In the next few days, out will come the boxes full of cherished ornaments...some very old, some hand made, some gathered on travels...all meaningful to our family.

Enjoy the day,


  1. I love to decorate with naturals, you can't beat them!

  2. Such beautiful decorating! So do you have an artificial tree or a natural one? It's so early for a real tree.

  3. Love the colors of this time of year. Your decorating looks lovely.

  4. Winter has arrived here this morning so it must be time to decorate for Christmas. It will soon be here.

    I love how you decorate with what Mother Nature provides. The berries are spectacular.
    I can't wait to see your Christmas tree and Annie's too.

  5. Robyn ~
    When I was married (a long, long time!), we had a home in Apollo Beach and I discovered pepper berries growing along side the country roads. I would always pick a huge box and bring them home to Ohio.
    As always, your decorating is lovely and I look forward to seeing more.
    Hugs :)

  6. Morning, I to love the natural look, smells and looks the the Header picture, lovely, Blessings Francine.

  7. Truly beautiful Christmas touches.
    Christmas is in the air.
    We are blessed!

  8. You have a special touch for making things look so beautiful!

  9. Do you make your little dolls in the header to sell? Are they made out of wool? They are so cute.

    1. Hello...thanks for visiting Mugwump Woolies. I don't make these dolls to sell right now. In the past, I have sold my dolls at a little shop here in Florida. I have thought about offering my Mugwump Woolies here on my blog and even have given thought to offering patterns. I hope you will visit again...a new year might mean new things for MW.
      Have a wonderful week,

      p.s. The dolly shown is my pattern made from cotton.

  10. I love those berries,
    here everything is wild rose pips, red as holly berries
    hope to see more, blessings of the season!