Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas II

Don't tell Santa but I was "naughty" today. Instead of trimming the tree and putting away boxes...I was painting this little trunk. Mr. MW built this trunk for me when we were first married. He was still in law school, and I was teaching in a parochial school, and we were living on fumes. We needed a coffee table so he made us one.  It's still our coffee table in the family room.

I decided I wanted to paint it black...it's a work in progress...so this morning, while an electrician was making holes in my wall to fix the lamp post, I painted.

My red antique dolly dresses found a home for the holidays in a big bowl with greens tucked around them...topped off with Schneeman star. I like my old trunk in black. That's Valspar interior flat paint from Lowe's and I love that there is not one bit of shine!

Sweet Schneeman Star

Shhhhhhh...I'll try to be "nice" tomorrow.

Enjoy the day,

*The lamp post is once again in working order.*


  1. It's ok to be naughty once in awhile! Looks good and I love the little red dresses.

  2. I agree, just perfect. I so enjoy seeing what you are up to...and yes it's okay to be naughty...once in awhile...

  3. Hello you naughty girl, love the wee dresses in the wood bowl, looks perfect, Blessings Francine.

  4. Oh, you have been naughty once, just keep the balling rolling I say..LOL Nice is hard work;-) I love the black as I am thinking about painting a bookcase in black.
    blessings, jill

  5. Hi, Robyn, it's wonderful that you still treasure this chest. I'm a firm believer that a coat of black paint can do wonders! Love your little red dollie dresses too.

  6. Now that's a treasure for sure, a piece of the past that will always be with you. The paint job looks great! I love peeking at all your decorating. I always find something I love. That auld lang syne cup caught me this time around.

  7. Your special little trunk looks just beautiful. I love the satin finish and it goes so well with your sofa. I think that it was rather nice of you to paint that little trunk and not naughty at all.
    The red antique doll dresses and the star give such a nice splash of festive color. You keep coming up with all kind of new ideas to decorate.

    Thanks for sharing your style of decorating with us. I really love it.

  8. Great idea putting your antique doll dress collection in a bowl. Looks very nice!
    I used that same paint on my bed and I love the matte finish.
    I'm really enjoying all of the decorating pictures!


  9. Isn't it fun to be naughty once in awhile. I like the black matte finish. Love your bowl of little red dresses and star.

  10. Be naughty...you can always be nice some other day.
    Hugs :)

  11. am enjoying your sharing, the little dresses, how sweet, and you can never go wrong with stars.

  12. Thanks for sharing your memories. More lovely decorations!

  13. It is always fun to be a little naughty,lol! Love how the trunk came out and the dresses with greenery! Christmas Blessings,Jen

  14. Your home is so lovely. I really like the touches of red and done in such a sweet way! I like the matte look of paint with no shine. Can you share with me what color of black from Lowes? I tried two shades of black chalk paint and was not pleased with the look. I did a full size poster bed with the canopy in Annie Sloan Charcoal I think is the name but it has too much gray color in it. Anyway, love your decorating and your blog. I spoke with Country at Heart in TN today regarding a lamp and she remembered you coming in and that Linda Babb came in unexpectedly! I told her about your blog so if she gets a chance she says she will look at it. Small world. I hope to go to that shop this next year. kazicha@gmail.com