Friday, December 13, 2013

...we need a little Christmas

Here are a few pics I snapped last week of a few bits of Christmas. Another Christmasy red and green sampler. 

I love red transferware and, in fact, our everyday dishes are a collection of many different patterns...all red, of course.

I found this early white German Belsnickle this year. He still holds his original little feather tree...and he has a bit of sparkle to him.

An early Santa ornament having a chat with one of his reindeer.


I posted yesterday from Ft. Lauderdale but it disappeared...those black holes are following me.

It looks windy with menacing clouds from our balcony this a.m..

It will look more like this as the day goes on...not a bad view!

Annie loves the t.v. in the bathroom. This is not the first time we have stayed in a hotel with a t.v. in the bathroom. We are getting to be hopelessly connected to technology as a society. I admit I have a little t.v. on my kitchen counter...but the bathroom? I don't think so!

The gingerbread boat in the lobby is not nearly as impressive as the one in Amelia Island...but they have a bowl full of gingerbread next to it, and you can help yourself to a taste.

Charlie, like the rest of us, likes the "cold sheets" and the view...but he can't wait to get back home!

The "bug" I had last week...thank you for the all well wishes...threw me way off schedule as far as decorating goes and I don't think I can catch up at this point. I have decided I'd rather spend the remaining days before Christmas doing other things. Annie and I will be making cookies, and wrapping, and just enjoying the season. Sometimes you just have to recognize you can only do so much...and mine is done.

Hope you are all taking time to enjoy the season!

Enjoy the day,


  1. i love that sampler, your red transfer ware and the belsnickels!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you for sharing the bits of your world . . . just beautiful!!!

  3. Your sampler is beautiful, as is your transfer ware and antique ornament.
    Making memories with the ones you love is most important.

  4. Everything is lovely, but Oh How I Love that beautiful sampler!!! What an incredible find!
    Blessings, Patti

  5. Lucky Charlie to be vacationing in warmer climate. Right now I prefer warm sheets. It's so cold here.

    Your house is beautifully decorated already and you will be ahead after the holidays because you'll have less decorations to put away. Enjoy the rest of your vacations.

  6. Hello Robyn, I love the Red transfer ware plate, so pretty, great Belsnikle to.....enjoy Francine.

  7. I don't think I've ever seen red transferable, that I can remember anyway. Charlie looks comfy!

  8. Such beautiful pictures! I noticed your disappearing post -- saw it on my blog reader but when I came to your blog to comment, it wasn't there. So strange! Love your transferware, and am totally envious of where you are right now. Looks lovely and warm. We are expecting snow and ice. Ugh.

  9. Beautiful red transferware! TV in the bathroom...really? I have not heard that one...but then again don't travel overnight much. Hope you are having fun. Janice

  10. I simply adore red transferware, as I have none...Safe travels home, looking forward to seeing more photos of your lovely home all adorned in her Christmas finest...

  11. Beautiful pics.
    Your balcony view is lovely. ;)

  12. love the sampler, and esp. the red transferware, beautiful!
    hugs to the santas!
    love charlie!
    glad you're feeling better!l

  13. Hi Robyn,
    For some reason I have been having technical issues so did not even get your posts till now!!
    I just love your photos.....the sampler...ooh!......the red transferware......double ooh!!...the belsnickel.....triple ooh!! Just wonderful!!!
    Hope you get to feeling better and just ENJOY!!!!
    Sending warm hugs and thoughts to you and Annie~~